Responsibilities for companies

Responsibilities in practice - What do I need to know and do?

Producers and importers of packed products are legally obliged to ensure the prevention, collection and recycling of packaging. This extended producer responsibility means (in brief) that companies that are the first to make packed products available to another in the Netherlands and/or who remove the packaging on import, are individually responsible for the prevention, collection and recycling of used packing material. The collective implementation of the extended producer responsibility is guaranteed via Afvalfonds Verpakkingen.

In practice there are four main responsibilities related to packaging for producers and importers:

  • register with Afvalfonds Verpakkingen if the amount of packaging released onto the Dutch market is more than 50,000 kg in a year. And pay the Packaging Waste Management Contribution;
  • record and account for the amount of packaging released onto the Dutch market;
  • meet the Essential Requirements;
  • meet the limits on heavy metal concentration levels.

1. Registration with Afvalfonds Verpakkingen
If you expect to be responsible for more than 50,000 kg in a year, you should register your organisation here. Since January 1st of 2018 this also applies to foreign entrepreneurs who are the first to make packaged products available to consumers in the Netherlands.

You will receive a username and password to log into our website (login packtool) and file the packaging weight per type of packaging material for which you are responsible in a particular year. After receiving your report, we will send you an invoice every quarter.

If you need help or more information on details, procedures, deadlines et cetera, please read our Policy 2019 or contact our helpdesk: or +31 854 012 660.

Afvalfonds Verpakkingen works according to the Waste Management Contribution Agreement (Afvalbeheersbijdrageovereenkomst, ABBO) which was declared legally binding by the Dutch government. In article 7 of the ABBO, the confidentiality of all the information that is submitted to Afvalfonds Verpakkingen is described. We have set up our policy and ICT infrastructure accordingly, with which confidential treatment of data is guaranteed.

2. Administration
Each year, producers and importers must account for all the packaging they are responsible for. The responsibility is for all the packaging made available to other parties in the Netherlands for the first time; and all the packaging, which is discarded in the Netherlands after importing goods.

For this packaging the following should be recorded and registered:

  • the type of packaging material made available or discarded;
  • the weight of the packaging per material;
  • the country of delivery of the packaged product (both within or outside the Netherlands); and
  • the total weight of the packaging.

3. Essential Requirements
The Essential Requirements are, in summary: Packaging volume and weight must be the minimum amount to maintain the necessary levels of safety, hygiene and acceptance for the packaged product, and for the consumer. Packaging must be manufactured so as to permit reuse or recovery in accordance with specific requirements. Noxious or hazardous substances in packaging must be minimised in emissions, ash or leachate from incineration or landfill. In the Netherlands there is an extra requirement: packaging should be designed in a way that prevents litter. See annex II of the Packaging Waste Directive.

4. Limits on heavy metal concentration levels
The aggregate heavy metal limits apply to lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium, or in packaging or packaging components subject to some exemptions (e.g. for glass and plastic crates/pallets). The total by weight of such metals should not exceed 100 ppm. See article 11 of the Packaging Waste Directive.